Kalibuni African Jugend Fest

Project title:
Networking and Professional orientation- an intercultural access(NebO- intercultural)
Promoter: NdiIgbo NzukoHeilbronn eV- Project duration: 03.01.2014- 31.12.2015
"This project is being promoted by the integration initiative, the Ministry ofLabour and Social Affairs, Families andElders Baden-Württemberg"

Initial situation:
Statistics show that students and young people from immigrant backgrounds find it more difficult to be able to provide the degree to make a vocational training. The organizations and associations everyone works for themselves, but are facing the same challenges, to help young people with an immigrant background at the right career choices, to motivate and accompany.>

Target group:
The projectis aimed at childrenand young people with African roots. It should bementioned that this target group can be reached only in interaction with parents. Therefore, the cooperation with the associations essential for reaching the target group and finally the project goal.

Project idea:
The project aims to build in cooperation with associations of African descen tin the context of integration work, a network for young people from immigrant backgrounds to assist them in career guidance.

Project objectives:
1. Children and young people withA frican roots in and around Heilbronn come together and make a positive cultural experience together.
2. Young people with African root stake on career guidance forum with presentations and experience reports in part, network with successful personalities and take in interest in a mentoring pool part.
3. Heilbronner organizations with African roots networking for sustainable integration and peaceful coexistence.

Project content:
Sustainable networks with regard to the vocational guidance of young people. The project is designed incooperation with the German-African club Heilbronn e. V. and exemplary personalities with an immigrant background. Further mergers with other clubs is planned.

Project schedule:
• Needs analysis- for contact with the children and young people and their parents. Methodology àsurvey• kick-off event in the form of cultural events with performing
• workshops for the target group(children & young peopleand their parents) for the purpose of (intercultural togetherness with drums, music, dance, games, etc.)
• Forum:(old adolescents9-27 years of age) for the purpose of motivation of young people to set job orientation for the target group professional goals and to pursue this always

It envisages the establishment of a mentoring pool for interested youths. In the framework of mentoring accept people with an immigrant background who have successfully challenged their professional paths in Germany and as examples of successful integration mean a mentoring roles. Since we want to take into account the diverse interests of young people who mentors from different areas are selected with different learning paths. So the pool of people is made, which have a vocational training and / or a university degree. Thus a versatile experience, advice and support for young people is ensured.
• networking of participating Associations- To sustain the cooperation between associations and the support of young people to commit the associations of mutual and regular exchange of information, organizing similar events at regular intervals.
Contact person and project manager: Nneka Chukwu-Brecht (nneka @

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Flyer: kick-Off-Event on 21.06.2014

Flyer: Kalibuni –Afrika vor Ort on 25.07.2015